Wedding traditions from around the world

May 28

Wedding traditions from around the world

A wedding is one of the essential and memorable ceremonies that will happen only once in a lifetime in everyone’s life. The wedding ceremony is all about small wedding traditions. Every country or state has its unique wedding tradition which you never heard of before. This wedding tradition is passed down from generation to generation with great importance. It will complete your wedding and make it extra special.

Several wedding traditions are different from each other and explain why they do that. Following are the wedding traditions from around the world, giving you a great idea about their culture.

Beating the groom’s feet:-

This is one of the essential wedding traditions in south Korean families. In this tradition, you have to beet the groom’s feet with the help of bamboo sticks and the dead fish. The reason behind this family tradition is to prepare the groom for his upcoming responsibility to balance on his shoulders. This will help the groom to realize that the future will be full of guilt for his family, which he has to handle.

Practicing crying:-

This will might seem weird to some people, but this is real wedding traction in china. In this tradition, the bride has to practice crying before the 1 hour to the wedding. The reason behind this tradition is she has to cry perfectly on her marriage day. The practice of crying starts from 1 month before the marriage.

Give whales tooth to father in law:-

This is one of the marriage customs around the world, and it specially belongs to Fiji. In the Fiji area, grooms will give their father-in-law the whale’s tooth necklace. When you propose to the girl you love, you must provide the tooth necklace to her father. This is one of the traditions in Fiji.

unusual wedding traditions

Human carpet:-

When it comes to the unusual wedding traditions, this is one of the popular ones in French. Many traditional families follow this wedding tradition over the decades. In this tradition, the close family members of the groom’s and the bride’s come together and lie down on their faces with making the human chain. When they form the human chain, the newlyweds will walk on them after the wedding on the way home. This is one of the popular traditions in the French region.

All the above are the craziest wedding tradition around the world you heard of, but it has great importance.