Wedding emergency kit must-haves

Mar 03

Wedding emergency kit must-haves

If you are planning a wedding you will know that how stressful it is. The planning is the most challenging part, and everyone wants the perfect wedding. Every detail of the wedding day has to be perfect, but we all know that we should expect luck every day. On the wedding day, because of the stress and details, you will face some trouble. An emergency kit will help you to get through that tough time.

What is a wedding emergency kit?

Wedding emergency kit must-haves will contain the different things which you can use ok the wedding day. This will help you to make the day easy and lower the stress level. In this kit, you will have those things which you often forget about on the wedding day or that stuff which you think you don’t need on the wedding day. When you face problems or troubles on the wedding day, this kit will help you make things perfect.

Following are important things to include in the bridal emergency kit. It will also give you some idea about the minor problems you may face on the wedding day.

Boob glue:-

This is one of the essential bat things that you should add to the bridal emergency kit. When you are getting ready with your strapless wedding gown and continuously slipping that time, the boob glue will help you fix any dress problem. It will hold the dress and the strapless bras from falling.

Sewing kit:-

This sewing kit will help you with everything. If you come across tearing your dress and losing some threads in your clothing, this will help you with everything. You should add different essentials, needles, safety pins, Bobby pins, scissors, etc.

make-up items

Emergency pre-wedding snacks:-

Because the day is important and stressful, sometimes the bride will forget the meal or lunch, making them feel sick or faint during the wedding. Having the perfect snack in your emergency kit will help you to feel complete. You have to keep your stomach full when it comes to an important day in your life.

Makeup products:-

When it comes to a wedding emergency kit, then it will not be complete without make-up items. You should have light and dark shades of lipstick in this kit that you can use to touch up in emergency times. You can also add some mascara, liner, and lip gloss to the wedding emergency kit.