Wedding dress color guide

Apr 06

Wedding dress color guide

In recent years, the trend of wedding dress colors is changing from white and ivory color. With the growing years, the trends are also changing with fashion. Now there are a lot of different colors which you can choose for your wedding dress. As you get many choices in the colors of the dress, you will have difficulty finding the perfect dress for your wedding.

As we know, the wedding dress is the crucial thing in the bride’s life, and the struggle behind finding the perfect dress for your wedding is one of the most challenging parts. Therefore wedding dress color guide will help you in finding a wedding dress for you. Following are some factors which you should consider while searching for the dress.

Consider the culture and traditions:-

color themeWhen choosing the shade of your wedding gown, your family tradition will play a significant role in the shopping. If your family and partner’s family follow their family’s tradition, it will be easy to choose the perfect shade for your wedding gown. Most of the cultures in Europe love to wear a white dress at the wedding. You should also know that in Turkey, most of the cultures support wearing bright colors on joyous occasions, such as the red and purple colors. They also choose to add golden ornaments to their dress.

Consider the location of the wedding:-

This is one of the best tips for selecting a wedding dress color. The wedding location is the factor that will play an essential role in choosing the dress. If you are planning an indoor wedding in the hall, you should consider selecting a white wedding gown. If you choose to wear bright color dresses in an indoor wedding, the lighting will make your dress look too promising, which will ruin your wedding album.

If you are doing an outdoor wedding such as a beach wedding, you should consider choosing light colors like blue. These light colors will complement the beach theme. If you plan to do a church wedding, then a white dress will be perfect according to the location.

The color theme of the wedding:-

If you plan to do a color theme wedding, you should choose the dress’s color according to the wedding theme. If you are doing a garden wedding, then choose light colors for your wedding dress because it will blend with the surroundings nicely. If the wedding theme is golden, then you can wear an ivory color dress.