How to wear makeup with the glasses?

Feb 08

How to wear makeup with the glasses?

Most of the people who have glasses use contacts when they are putting make-up on their face. In this time of year, you have so many varieties in frames which will bring the best out of your face cut. When you wear frames, it will give a natural and cute look. To achieve a great makeup look, you have to follow some tips about wearing makeup with glasses.

Tips for wearing make with glasses:-

Use sparkly deep blue or burgundy liners:-

Most of the time, everyone uses black eyeliner to create smoky eyes, but when you wear glasses on it, then it can be overwhelming. Therefore instead of using the black liner, you can use deep blue or burgundy color eye line, which will give shine to your eyes. This eyeliner trend is popular among many women. This tip will help to wear eye makeup with glasses.

Use tinted moisturizer:-

You have to apply the tinted moisturizer or beauty balm all over the face, but you have to focus on a particular area like the red spots on the bridge of your nose. These red marks are the marks of your glasses; therefore, the moisturizer will give your face a distinct finish. When you take off your glasses at any point in time, it will not ruin your make-up. You can also use the bb cream or foundation for the polish finish on your face. This will bring your eyes to shine most of the time.

essential makeup tips

Use a thin layer of foundation and moisturizer:-

This is one of the essential makeup tips for eyeglass wearers. You have to apply a thin layer of foundation on your cheeks and nose because that’s where glasses rest. When you apply too much makeup to this area, it will come off with the frame. You can use make blender or sponge to create a thin layer of foundation.

Use eyelash curler:-

This is one of the great pieces of advice for makeup beginners. If you don’t use the eyelash curler, then it will start hitting your glasses. Therefore, an eyelash curler is a must. You can also apply some mascara to make your eyes bold. When you are putting on mascara, you have to focus on the roots of the eyelashes, whether it is curled or not. You should apply a double layer of mascara on the roots of your eyelashes. It will make your mascara stay a longer time with the glasses.