Ideas and colors for a spring wedding

May 02

Ideas and colors for a spring wedding

According to the survey, about 21% of the couple choose to have a spring wedding because of the beautiful warmer weather and the blooms. There are so many ideas and colors which you could incorporate with the spring wedding because of the beautiful nature. The outdoor wedding idea is the most appropriate type of wedding for the spring season. You can combine all elements such as nature, flowers, and the best location.

Following are some great ideas and colors for a spring wedding to look seamless and help you pull off the wedding easily. There are several elements in the wedding you have to look after and it has to be perfect.


The main element of the spring wedding is the flowers you can use for the destination, and it will also add different colors to your wedding. When you are doing a spring wedding, you will get a huge variety of flowers and the stems such as tulips, peonies, daffodils, etc. The different textures and colors will make your wedding elegant, and it will also add a little bit of romance. The most affordable flowers will be available in the spring season for your wedding.


The glam spring wedding ideas are all about the menu and refreshing drinks. To make your wedding successful and perfect, you have to make your guest happy by serving them great food. In the spring season, you will feel the temperature rising, and if you serve your guest with pre-dinner drinks, it will maintain a fresh vibe throughout the wedding. You can also color-coordinate with the color of your wedding, which will look so much elegant in your wedding. Martinis and cocktail will make an excellent choice in the spring wedding.

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When it comes to spring wedding planning tips, you should choose the color combinations for your wedding. This color combination will make or break your wedding. The most suitable shades that will go in the spring season wedding are pink, red, yellow, blue, and white. You have to choose, color because you have to select the flowers and the decorations according to this color palette choice.


The cake is the central part of the wedding, and you can decorate the cake with spring flowers. You can also make the theme cake or color-coordinated cake, which will represent the spring season. Cake can be the center of attraction of the wedding.