Guide to choosing the best wine for a wedding

Jun 25

Guide to choosing the best wine for a wedding

Usually people like sparkling Champagnes on the wedding day. But why only Champagne, Wine can also be a part of the wedding ceremony. But there is a large variety of wines available in the market now. So, it can be a tough job to select the right wine for the wedding ceremony. So, this article is for you. In this article, I will share a guide to choose the best wine and some best wines with you, which will perfectly suit your wedding ceremony. So, here it is.

For choosing the best wine for a wedding, you should remember these two points mention below.

Choose food items with wine:

The first thing which you have to remember is that not every wine can complement every food item. Some specific types of wine can go with some particular types of food items. So, choose food items that will complement the wine.

According to the season:

Not every type of wine will be perfect for every season. Wines can be differentiated with the seasons. You can not drink chilled wine in a frizzy winter, or you can not drink a wine that gives you heat in scorching summer. So, choose wisely.

wine at your wedding

Here is some example of wines with their season and complimentary food items.


Sauvignon Blanc is a classic and rich white wine. It is a trendy white wine and will go perfectly with chicken, oysters, cheese, vegetables, and seafood. So, it will complement almost every type of food that can be present at a wedding.


Pinot Grigio is also another white wine. This wine is perfect for a summer wedding. On a hot summer day, a glass of chilled Pinot Grigio will calm down your guests. It will also go well with chicken, canapes, and seafood items. It can be a replacement for Sauvignon Blanc.


Some of you may like to have Sparkling Wine in a champagne toast. The fruity fizz of this wine will work as a welcome drink for your guests. It can go well with any type of snack or without anything. If you don’t have a budget for Champagne for everyone, you can try this Sparkling Wine at your wedding.


Pinot Noir is a classic light red wine. The color of this wine is lovely and it has a delicate texture. This red wine is perfect for winter or early spring weddings. This wine will complement perfectly with beef. So, if you have a beef item on your menu, do not forget to add Pinot Noir in that.