About Bloaum

Over the past ten years, despite all the changes and challenges, Bloaum has continued to innovate and evolve in the world of digital influence and forge strong relationships with businesses of all size whilst at the same time, establish a reputation for being a blog with a heart who really cares for its community.

Honest & Heartfelt Storytelling

Bloaum encourages heartfelt celebrations through effortless storytelling and honest, uplifting, relatable content. We provide a daily reminder of the meaning and value of marriage, and empower those planning weddings to feel good about themselves – to make wise and authentic choices. We take the greatest of pleasure connecting our community of brides with talented, visionary businesses who are providing exceptional products, services and experiences.

Diversity & Inclusivity

We are a proud ally of marginalised groups and work hard to highlight important social issues, from Black Lives Matter, to sustainability and ethical fashion consumption, to fairer LGBTQIA+ representation; we are forever on a mission to establish a more diverse and inclusive community for those planning weddings and are immensely proud of the trusted and reliable space we have created for everyone, from all walks of life.

Supporting The Industry

We feel a deep sense of loyalty to and are passionate about championing the wedding industry; from tiny new startups and solo entrepreneurs to big brands and historic venues.

Following our Hearts

We’ve never been driven by trends or algorithms – we’d rather just follow our hearts and share what we love. When our news feeds are filled with disaster and tragedy, it provides us with pleasure and purpose to spread daily love and joy.

The past ten years have gifted my team and I with incredible insight and a wealth of knowledge and expertise. We are now collaborating with some of the best creative producers we know, exploring exciting new media opportunities and striking out with bold new projects. These are exciting times for Bloaum as we stride with confidence into our second decade – I would love for you to join us on this adventure

Our best partnerships are always born from good old fashioned conversation – you’ll find our contact details above. I look forward to hearing from you.